Conservatory Refurbishment from Custom Choice Home Improvements [Case Study]

Our original conservatory was the traditional sort, all glass and framework, like a greenhouse, which was lovely in the summer (although it could be stifling), but not particularly good during the winter.

Old Conservatory BEFORE Refurbishment
Original All Glass Conservatory BEFORE Refurbishment

For that reason, we had effectively a back door from the house to get into the conservatory, so we could lock the conservatory off from the main part of the house during the winter months when it was too cold to use.

The real problem with a traditional conservatory like the one we had is that the heat loss through the glass roof meant the costs rose substantially during cold weather, plus it’s no fun sitting in an area when you need extra heating turned on just to make it comfortable.

Don’t get me wrong though. I love being able to sit in the conservatory and watch nature, even if it’s wet on a warm summer’s day, it’s just that, come November, we never used it for more than an hour or two, and during the winter months, well, very rarely at all.

So we took the decision to look at the options we had to convert it into an all-year-round conservatory. You know, something we could use no matter what the season, weather or temperature.

As I mentioned, the main area we were concerned with was the roof. It heats up the conservatory during the summer, and lets it all out during the winter (it seems to be the main problem with traditional conservatory design).

After searching around online, we came across the Ultra 380 roof (this turned out to be the right choice).

Custom Choice Windows Ultra380 Roof Conservatory Interior Before Final Plaster Finish
Ultra 380 Roof Awaiting Final Finishing (interior view)

He booked us in for a survey, and a week later, Tariq from Custom Choice came round along with their surveyor who confirmed everything we wanted at the price we wanted to pay (we had a good idea of the cost by this time, and we certainly weren’t willing to entertain any more rip-off pricing like the national company).

We also explained that we’d be away during December and ideally would like it doing then so it would cause the least disruption to our lives.

As everything had to be made bespoke (so it would fit perfectly with our existing house), we expected delays, but we were delighted to find that the build started and finished on time.

Custom Choice Windows Ultra380 Roof Conservatory

We were there for the first couple of days before going off on holiday and I can tell you they worked like a machine. Their workmanship was first rate, and they cleared up all the building mess at the end of each day. We were very impressed.

Our dog, Amber, is a big fan as well. Because we no longer have the heat issues, it means we no longer need to lock it off from the house during the cold winter months as it’s now just as cosy as the rest of our house.

It also makes our downstairs living space considerably larger and has added real value to the house.

Custom Choice Windows Ultra380 Roof Conservatory Main Photo

I hadn’t heard of Custom Choice before this even though they’re a local established family firm. They’re great to work with, very friendly with proper quotes they stick to, and above all, they obviously care deeply about their customers. That’s why I agreed to do this interview with Quentin Pain of ProofMEDIA Ltd for Custom Choice.

Please send my thanks and appreciation.

Cheryl Oliver

Kings Lynn

Custom Choice Windows Ultra380 Roof Conservatory Right Side View

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